Life: Your Perfect Teacher

by admin on August 5, 2009

Madisyn Taylor from her book DailyOm inspires us with the following meditation on life:

“Many of us long to find a spiritual teacher or guru. We may feel unsure of how to practice our spirituality without one, or we may long for someone who has attained a higher level of insight to lead the way for us. Some of us have been looking for years to no avail and feel frustrated and even lost. The good news is that the greatest teacher we could ever want is always with us – our life.

The people and situations we encounter every day have much to teach us when we are open to receiving their wisdom. Often we do not recognize our instructors because they may not look or act like our idea of a guru…yet they may embody great wisdom. In addition, some people guide us by showing us what we don’t want to do. All the situations in our lives, from the insignificant to the major, conspire to teach us exactly what we need to learn at any given time.

Patience, compassion, perseverance, honesty, letting go – all these are covered in the classroom of the teacher that is your life. You can help yourself remember this perfect teacher every day with a few simple words. Each morning you might find a moment to say, ” I acknowledge and honor the teacher that is my life. May I be wise enough to recognize the teachers and lessons I encounter today, and may I be open to receiving their wisdom.”

You might also take some time each day to consider what your life is trying to tell you at this juncture. A difficult phase in your relationship with your child could be teaching you to let go. The homeless person you see every day may be showing you the boundaries of your compassion and generosity. A spate of lost items might be asking you to be more present to physical reality. Trust your intuition on the nature of the lesson at hand, work at your own pace, and ask as many questions as you want. Your life has all the answers.”

Have you listened to your inner guru today?

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