by admin on November 26, 2009

On this day of thanksgiving, I share thoughts from author Julie Rappaport from her book “365 Yoga”:

“My inner smile widens. I am greeted by a roomful of people who choose to come together in yoga. To celebrate the body together in a feast of souls called “yoga class” gives shape and meaning to my days. An electrical charge runs through me brightly; Kundalini at work generates new and old approaches to poses, to breath, to life. Together we salute the sun daily, the moon too. We re-create the world of nature; the elements, animals, fish, moon and stars, plants and herbs, geometrical shapes, and poses of the great sages and children. Gratitude for this day of work, of play. Gratitude.”

My deepest gratitude on this day for all that I have received. I have been blessed beyond measure.

Om Shanti


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