Meditation to Cut Through Darkness and Bring in Light and Spiritual Identity

by admin on September 22, 2009

From “A Woman’s Book of Meditation”, Hari Kaur Khalsa brings us a meditation “Cutting through Negativity and Darkness, Bringing in Light and Spiritual Identity  (Sodarschan Chakra Kriya)”:


          “This powerful kriya can give you inner happiness and ecstasy, and works effectively to cut through negativity, long-standing neuroses and low self-esteem. With continued practice, Sodarschan Chakra Kriya can help you feel deeply relaxed and strong in even the most challenging situations. Sodarschan Chakra Kriya uses the mantra Wha-hay Guroo. This is the mantra of ecstasy. Generally translated it means “I am in the presence of wisdom that will bring me from darkness to light”. Sit in a comfortable meditation posture with a straight spine. Focus your eyes on the tip of your nose. Block off your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale slowly and deeply through your left nostril. Suspend your breath and mentally chant the mantra Wha-hay Guroo 16 times. Each time you chant a syllable of the mantra, pump your belly in and out.” “Unblock your right nostril and block your left nostril with your right index finger or little finger and exhale powerfully through your right nostril.” It is recommended that one practice 16 repetitions (~ 30 min) of this mantra, but the first-time practitioner should start slowly for approx. 7-11 minutes. To end the meditation one inhales and suspends the breath (5-10 seconds), exhales and shakes the body to help circulate energy and ground the body.


Let yourself experience the awakening of your own inner light through this meditation.


Om Shanti,



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