They call it Practice but it is a Privilege

by admin on August 20, 2009

For those of us with a home yoga practice, the road to the mat can sometimes be difficult, but when we look at it as a privilege rather than as an obligation our path to the mat is lightened. Julie Rappaport in her book “365 Yoga” brings us the following meditation entitled “Breath Before Dawn”:

“As I wake this morning I begin to visualize my yoga practice. I make tea and gaze outside my window. All the while in the background I wonder what is holding me back from the mat or from meditation or from sound. I know that all the roads lead to my practice, no matter how many small tasks I put in front of me. I see these roadblocks and wonder why resistance crops up around something so worthwhile. My mind trips me up. The transition from sleep to practice is not always the way I intend. The judgement starts to creep in before I remind myself to let go and accept where I am. I remember that yoga practice is a joy and a privilege and something that I choose. So I plunge ahead and watch the resistance burn up in the warmth of my body moving through space and the sound of my breath before dawn.”

Let your spirit move you to your mat today and let your practice be like a prayer to your self, your inner light.

Om Shanti,


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